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A transformative blend of jazz, fusion, and world beats with orchestral elements.
Liminality album cover
1. First Impressions (excerpt)
2. The Dreamers (excerpt)
3. Patience (excerpt)
4. Where the North Wind Blows (excerpt)
5. Undertow - Path of Heart (excerpt)
6. Path of Heart (excerpt)
7. Stillness (excerpt)
8. Last Cha Cha for July (excerpt)
9. All Things Known (excerpt 1)
10. All Things Known (excerpt 2)
Imagine going on a journey so profound that by the end you will not be the same person you once were. You will not see yourself or the world as you once did. Now imagine the tipping point between the old and the new perceptions, before crossing over from what was to what will be. That moment of your journey is the essence of liminality. Whether transitions of consciousness, identity, relationships, or communities - from a state of mind to a moment in time - liminality is the twilight on the eve of profound change.
Released in 2023, this musical project seeks to explore a similar space. Combining an improvisational chamber ensemble with strings, Liminality weaves together jazz, fusion, and world beats with chamber and orchestral elements. The music ranges from strictly composed to purely improvisational. Textures range from the power of the full ensemble with chamber string orchestra to the delicacies of solo and duet performances. At times the music floats in ethereal spaces; at other times it is rhythmically driving, anchored by American, Indian, an Afro-Cuban influences.
The full improvisational chamber ensemble consists of piano/keyboards, basses, guitars, voices, flute, drums, tabla, and hand percussion. Far from providing mere ornamental support, the strings are an integral part of the music: sometimes featured alone, sometimes fronting the ensemble, and sometimes playing off the ensemble — and off each other — as if in dialogue.
Singing Eric's music was a vibrant, immersive experience. Each song was like a movie of its own, taking me to new, exciting places. I felt so much joy and delight through this musical journey!”
Song Yi Jeon, vocalist


The Improvisational Chamber Ensemble
Song Yi Jeon
Michael Mayo
Jerry Leonide
Noé Secula
Doug Martin
Fanya Lin
Jerry Leonide
acoustic bass
Roberto Koch
electric bass
Romain Labaye
acoustic guitars
Aliéksey Vianna
electric guitar
Nguyên Lê
Chris Wabich
Daniel Dor
Russ Miller
Ehren Hanson
Itai Kriss
Michelle Gott
Aaron Szabo
Tony Redhouse
b/g voice
Tomás Cruz
Eric Johnsen
The String Chamber Orchestra
Adam Taubitz (concertmaster)
Bartek Niziol
Nitzan Wolfson-Bartana
Xiaoming Wang
Vahagn Aristakesyan
Jakub Nitsche
Frida Siegrist Oliver
Michel Willi
Antonia Siegers-Reid
Sebastian Eyb
Elia Portabales Rodriguez
Claudius Herrmann
Mattia Zappa
Andrea Sutter
Basile Auslaender
double bass
Dariusz Mizera
The String Quintet
violins, viola
Tim Kantor
Ted Buchholz
Phillip Alejo
Research and development support for this music was provided by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Arizona Community Foundation, with funding from the Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the following patrons of the arts:

Kay Stone
Jed Paradise
Marjy Johnsen (Dynamic Arts Concepts)
Paul and Nancy Johnsen
Gary Swimmer and Maria Kacandes-Kamil
Robert Shapiro
Teresa Kahlich
Mark and Beth Hansen
Susan and Marty Nordlof
Carol Schneiderman
Ed Scheckner and Lucy Wilson
Glenn Furnier and Aida Castillo-Flores
Xina Bernal
Carlos Chavez
Manny Aldaz
Co-Producers: Doug Martin and Wiley Ross
Executive Producer: Doug Martin
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